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GeoBella® Premium Solids

GeoBella® Premium Solids

GeoBella® Indoor/Outdoor High Performance Fabrics that are utilized in cushions and pillows. These fabrics are ideal for high traffic areas and are built to withstand everyday bumps and spills. GeoBella® fabrics are low maintenance, easy to clean, and resist bacteria, mold and mildew. These touchably soft woven fabrics are offered in both solids and patterns for use inside the home or outside under the sun.

GeoBella® Indoor/Outdoor High Performance Fabrics Might Be Right For You If …

  • You want to protect your furniture investment with a fabric that can withstand the elements.
  • You want to change the color or pattern of your current cushions or pillows.
  • You want a fabric that is GREENGUARD® Certified.
  • You desire a fabric that is low maintenance, easy to clean and resists bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • You want a fabric that is easy to work with for DIY projects.
  • You live in an area with frequent inclement weather or extreme seasons.
GeoBella Premium Colors

Hobnob Fog, Hobnob Mist, Hobnob Spice, Hobnob Tan, Hobnob Tobacco, Rock Solid Berry, Rock Solid Black, Rock Solid Cornflower, Rock Solid Driftwood, Rock Solid Fog, Rock Solid Grass, Rock Solid Lagoon, Rock Solid Marzipan, Rock Solid Navy, Rock Solid Ochre, Rock Solid Persian, Rock Solid Sage, Rock Solid Walnut

Composizione 100% olefina
Istruzioni per la pulizia Da pulire semplicemente con acqua e sapone o 50/50 di candeggina aggiunta in acqua
Larghezza 54" (137,2 cm)
Lunghezza standard rotolo Circa 60 iarde lineari (54,86 m)


Rock Solid Persian
Rock Solid Fog
Hobnob Fog
Hobnob Mist
Hobnob Spice
Hobnob Tan
Hobnob Tobacco
Rock Solid Berry
Rock Solid Black
Rock Solid Cornflower
Rock Solid Driftwood
Rock Solid Grass
Rock Solid Lagoon
Rock Solid Marzipan
Rock Solid Navy
Rock Solid Ochre
Rock Solid Sage
Rock Solid Walnut